About TZmore

TZ has developed a industrial pattern of coordinated development of mining, metallurgy, new energy, railway transit, engineering machinery, ocean engineering and high-end hydraulics. With total assets over RMB 40 billion, more than 13,000 employees and covering area over 4,400,000 m², TZ is now a modern business group that integrates equipment R&D, complete equipment, EPC, equipment leasing, material trading and logistics.


Orders from overseas markets have keep increasing during recent years. Leading products of TZ, including wheels and axles of railway transit, cranes for metallurgy and casting, forging equipment and steel rolling equipment, have exported to over 50 countries and regions in the five continents.

Superior Products

  • TISCO Yuanjiacun Crusher Station

  • WYD 390 Hydraulic Excavator

  • WK-75 Mining Excavator, the largest i...

  • Spreader With Tripper Car

  • EBZ135 Roadheader

  • 3000KW Electra Shearer

  • EBZ300 Roadheader

  • 2500KW Electra Shearer


TZ is one of the world’s top manufacturers of mining excavating machinery and one of the...

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  • 350t Converter Tilting Device designed and manufactured for Baosteel Zhanjiang Company, the large...

  • 520t Ladle Crane for Baosteel (Zhanjiang)

  • Guide Car & Loco Car of 7m Top-Charging Coke Oven Machinery

  • 320t Converter Tilting Device designed and manufactured for HYUNDAI of South Korea

  • Φ273 Accu Precise Tube Rolling Mills

  • The world’s largest 235MN Aluminum Extrusion Press

  • The world’s largest Oil Film Bearings manufacturing shop

  • Pickling Line

Metallurgy Field

TZ is the most competitive manufacturer of large metallurgical equipm...

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  • High-Speed Rail Traction Gearbox

  • Underground Traction Gearbox

  • Low-Floor Train Traction Gearbox

  • Urban Rail Traction Gearbox

  • TZ Shield Tunneling Machines have been used in the construction of Taiyuan Metro

  • Longcheng 1 Shield Tunneling Machine

  • Passenger Car Wheelsets

  • Freight Car Wheelsets

Railway Transit

TZ is at present the only base in China that manufactures rail transit wheels, axles, gea...

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  • Polar Crane for Nuclear Power Station

  • 5MW Wind Power Generation Unit in Xinghua Bay, Fuqing, Fujian Province

  • Tianwan VVER 360T Polar Crane

  • Complete 3MW Wind Power Unit on Wulianshan, Shengchi, Shanxi Province

  • 1200t Bridge Crane for China Three Gorges Corporation

  • Load test of 1300t Bridge Crane for Wudongde Hydropower Station

  • 500t + 500t Bridge Crane for Longtan Hydropower Station

  • Gantry Hoists of Three Gorges Dam

Energy Field

TZ is one of the most dominant enterprises in wind power equipment manufacturing industry...

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    • Liftboat

    • Liftboat

    • TZ Drilling Platforms and Binhai Base Wharf

    • TZ Jack-Up Drilling Platform

    • STS Cranes for KONECRANES to Indonesia TPS-III(60t-46m)

    • Hydraulic Impact Hammer

    • Goliath Crane Manufactured for BOMESC Offshore Engineering Co.

    • Jib Cranes for Port of Haikou, China

Offshore Engineering

TZ has established a top manufacturing base of offshore equipment in ...

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    • BGL Slagging Gasifier

    • Hydrogenation Reactor

    • Slagging Pressure Gasifier of Coal-Based Compound Fuel Project of 160000t/a of Lu’An Group

    • Slagging Pressure Gasifier

    • EPC of 200,000t ethylene glycol per year of Xiangkuang Hongtong Coal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, ...

    • EPC of iron ore fines preheating and reduction device for Molong Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd, Sh...

Coal Chemical Industry

TZ is Chinese specified manufacturer of coal gasification equipment.

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    • TZT1200 Caterpillar Crawler With Telescopic Boom

    • TZC750 Crawler Crane With Lattice Boom

    • TZM500 All-Terrain Crane

    • TZM500 All-Terrain Crane is working.

    • 6400t Hydraulic Double Gantry Crane is working.

    • 6400t Hydraulic Double Gantry Crane is working.

Construction Machinery

TZ is one of the most competitive manufacturers of heavy engineering ...

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    • Hydraulic System for Metallurgy

    • High-Pressure Piston Pump

    • Proportional Valve

    • Hydraulic System for Offshore Equipment

    • Mine Support Cylinder

    • Full-Automatic Casting Machine

    • Castings Of Wind Power and CRH

    • Castings Of Hydraulic Products

Basic Supporting Components

TZ is the largest manufacturer of high-end hydraulic products in Chin...

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    • Launch Tower in Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, Hainan Province

    • Launch Tower in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center

    • Launch Tower in Xichang Satellite Launch Center

    • Launch Tower in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center

    • Stage Equipment for Beijing Olympic Games

    • Round Moon Stage for Beijing Paralympic

    • Elevator Stage in Music Hall of National Centre for the Performing Arts

    • Rotary Stage of Shenzhen Window of the World


TZ is the largest manufacturing base of space launch equipment and one of the main manufa...

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