As a leading company of the industry, TZ has always focusing on both Chinese market and overseas market and unswervingly follow the way of global development. TZ has implemented elements of resources allocation for globalization and actively participated in theOne Belt and One Roadstrategy. Now, TZ manufacturing has gradually become popular in overseas market and TZ is standing in the world in a new stance.

Orders from overseas markets have keep increasing during recent years. Leading products of TZ, including wheels and axles of railway transit, cranes for metallurgy and casting, forging equipment and steel rolling equipment, have exported to over 50 countries and regions in the five continents.

TZ has established branches and offices in countries including Germany, Russia, South Africa and Chili. In 2011, TZ acquired VLI Pty., Ltd and CEC and founded TYHI India Company; in 2012, TZ Hong Kong International Limited was founded; TZ established offices in South and East Asia, Central Asia and West Asia at the end of 2016 and manufacturing, R&D, sales and capital operation have stepped out;

Since the country’s implementation ofOne Belt and One Roadstrategy, TZ has given full play to resources and advantages during its “go-out” in recent years to build strategic partnership with countries along the belt and road so as to actively respond to the government’s strategy and policy. TZ visits countries involved in the strategy, such as India, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, to layout its business in vital countries.

TZ’s heavy equipment base in Lingang enables TZ to export its products to the world in a quick and safe way. Besides, the excellent heavy wharf enables TZ to undertake freight transport for over 10 companies around the world.

In future, TZ will enhance its globalization completely while focusing on Asia, South America and Australia with its knock-out products including metallurgic crane, mining excavator, forging equipment, pipe rolling equipment and wheels and axles of train to increase the percentage of export products from 15% to above 30% and finally 50% so as to realize the goal of creating a global TZ and keep moving toward a global enterprise of excellence.