Manufacturing Basesmore

In order to improve the core manufacturing capacity, TZ has built new large-scale bases such as railway product industrial park,Home manufacturing base for heavy castings and forgings, High-end hydraulics park, Coal Machinery Industrial Park, Tianjin Lingang Heavy Equipment Base, New energy industry base and so on.

Technical Qualificationmore

In order to better meet the needs of the market and products, TZ actively carry out a variety of certification and accreditation, with strong technical capabilities to successfully obtain the various production licenses and market access eligibility.

Warranty Capabilitymore

On the basis of implementing ISO9001 standard, TZ actively promotes and applies advanced management methods such as reliability management and excellent performance management. The company has won awards such as China Industrial Award, China Quality Award Nomination Award and so on.

Equipment Capabilitymore

TZ is equipped with complete technology and equipment from steelmaking, casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, mechanical processing to assembly, transportation and so on. The first class equipment provides a strong guarantee for the quality of the first class products.